Blue Wing Olive Hatch

Spring fly fishing in Southwest Montana is a much-anticipated event for anglers, and one of the most exciting parts of the season is the blue-winged olive hatch. This hatch typically occurs from late March to early June, depending on water temperatures and weather patterns. The blue-winged olive is a small mayfly that can be found in many rivers throughout the region, making it a favorite food source for trout.

When fishing during the blue-winged olive hatch, it's important to use small and delicate patterns, as the mayflies are usually no more than a size 20 or 22. Trout can be very selective during this time, so anglers should focus on presenting their flies as naturally as possible. A good technique is to use a dry fly as an indicator and drop a nymph off the back. This allows for the possibility of catching trout both on the surface and subsurface.

Some of the best rivers to fish during the blue-winged olive hatch in Southwest Montana include the Madison, the Gallatin, and the Yellowstone. These rivers are all easily accessible and have excellent hatches throughout the spring. Overall, spring fly fishing in Southwest Montana is a must-do for any angler, and the blue-winged olive hatch is just one of the many reasons to visit this beautiful region.

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