Montana Rivers

East Gallatin: The East Gallatin is one of our favorites due to its ability to produce high quality fish on any given day. It is a freestone river that meanders through tall grass and cow pastures making the hopper fishing unrivaled. The East has a healthy population of Sculpin that Brown Trout feed on religiously. 

Gallatin River: The Gallatin River is home to a very healthy trout population that often feed on the surface even when conditions are perfect. Starting in Yellowstone National Park provides the Gallatin with cool water year round. The river changes dynamics when it leaves the canyon to Big Sky and drops into Gallatin Valley. This is where we see a higher concentration of terrestrials and less stoneflies. The Gallatin offers great wade and float fishing year round.

Yellowstone River: The Yellowstone boasts huge trout numbers compared to other rivers in Montana in Paradise Valley. The scenery from the river in Paradise Valley is unrivaled to any other river in Southwest Montana. The Yellowstone is the longest freestone river in the lower 48 stretching all the way across Montana. The fishing is great for 11 months of the year. The other month the Yellowstone is "chocolate milk" or muddy due to runoff.

Madison River: The Madison is split into two different rivers in our opinion, the upper and the lower. These two rivers fish drastically different but both fish well and hold high numbers and high quality fish. The Upper Madison outside of Ennis is known for epic Stonefly, Caddis, and Hopper dry fly fishing while the lower fishes better with nymphs.

Yellowstone National Park: Although the park is about an hour drive from Bozeman, the fishing is some of the best we have. The park is only open to walk wade trips. 


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